NDK with Cocos2dx made easy

Whenever i worked on Cocos2dx(http://www.cocos2d-x.org), a framework for making 2d games for free, I always thought how would i integrate the 3rd party SDKs into my game. After loads of search and messing up with code, i found out that to do that i need to jump into the languages that the platform provides to connect it easily, or to rewrite the whole thing again on C++ to make sense to the code i am using.

Even writing in different platforms wasn’t that easy when you have to deal with C++ as a core language and jump into the other language to perform some tasks and get back to where you were to make game running smooth. I scratched my head alot of times just to make sure things are working as they should be and most of my time was spent to test the code and linking between languages. After some efforts i was able to run my game as well as get it integrated with some frameworks and 3rd party SDKs on iOS specifically. The time had come to get done with the same game on android platform. My whole code was running, everything was flawless until i found that none of my integration code would work on Android as it was on iOS. It was a sad day for me to find that out, my code was creating un-necessary bugs, stupid errors and most of all includes errors. Finally i managed to work around here and there and on bits to make it work correctly on Android. Done thing!

But from there i thought, why not to create a library on which i can simply pass a message to the language above C++ that is my native platform that is Java or Objective-C and keep my C++ code clean to run on other platforms too that Cocos2dx is supporting or might be supporting. Hence i create something known as EasyNDK.

With this library i can connect to the native platform with minimalistic work to be done and the benefit was as the code was written in the native language any thing that can be done in the native could be done through this mechanism, hence any 3rd party SDK or any work that has to be done on Java or Obj-C could be done here. I my self integrated many libraries using this library. Finally i launched the library on Github for the world to use it and comment over it. Be a part of the users or even testers if you wish to. Let me know about any changes or any improvements that could be done to the library, i will be more than welcome to serve you with my best.

Thanks for reading and giving me your time. Below is the link to Github and the Wiki page i created on Cocos2dx.

Github Code Base : https://github.com/aajiwani/EasyNDK-for-cocos2dx

Wiki Page : http://cocos2d-x.org/projects/cocos2d-x/wiki/EasyNDK